Confess TV Adaptation (Mini) Review!

Soooo I’m doing a mini TV show review because my blogging schedule is shot to shit and I figured why not write my thoughts on this Confess adaptation since I have nothing else to write about…


I haven’t read Confess but I saw the show advertised on Twitter a while back, so I took a night off from uni applications and watched this show. I watched them all in one sitting, they’re surprisingly short – 7 episodes long, each around 22 minutes long.

So here’s a quick review!

Contains spoilers of both the TV show and the book! 

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eBooks Deserve More Love: A Mini Post by Me

Mini post because honestly, I don’t have much to say on this subject, but I believe that eBooks deserve more love from readers.

I feel that within the book community, there’s this underlying belief that if you don’t own a bookshelf crammed full of books, then you’re not a “real” bookworm. This view, in my opinion, is total dog shit, and I reject it completely…

Basically, I love eBooks. I have done for years, and here’s a short list why:

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Another eBook Haul!

I’m in a massive reading slump. It’s not that I don’t want to read, but it’s that I have way too much on my mind that I can’t concentrate or even relax enough to get into a book and enjoy it. Even so, I’m still buying eBooks because I can’t resist the good offers, and they’re slowly piling up on my Kindle app. So I thought since I can’t really read them right now, I’d make a post on all the books I bought recently!

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Books That Have Sat on my Shelf For Years

I’m writing this at 3am and job hunting is both mind-numbing and soul-destroying, so I’m making a random bookish post. Last week I finally got round to cleaning my book shelf and I think it looks really cute now, but so many times I came across a paperback I bought years ago and then completely forgot about, so this is a post calling myself out for abandoning books and wasting money. Nice one, Jess.

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New Adult eBook Haul (I’m finally doing one!)

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in other blog posts, but I don’t buy physical books anymore. I’m jobless and I’m trying to spend as little as possible, so I can’t buy books whenever I want. Even if I could do that, I would have to get rid of all my old university books first, since I really don’t have the shelf room! And I don’t have any decent libraries near where I live. So I buy eBooks.

I see book bloggers doing haul posts all the time, but since I’m not a fan of taking photos of my books, I didn’t think my hauls would be much fun for you guys to read. But recently I’ve bought several eBooks and I thought why not make a post on it? It may not be as fun as your usual book haul post but I’m trying something new!

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YA Author’s Official Playlists (Part 1)

I remember a couple of years ago I was super into book playlists that authors made. I think it’s a lovely touch for authors to create book and character-related playlists and share them with their fans. I have a Tumblr account, so I’ve stumbled over a bunch of these over the years, and I thought it would be nice to post a couple of YA compilations if anyone is interested.

Just to clarify: None of these book playlists were created by me – they were put together by their respective authors.

Also, a lot of these playlist links are to Spotify and Soundcloud, so this might not be very useful to people without an account, but you can make a free account if you wish!


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English Literature Dissertation Advice

Being completely honest, I had the worst time with my dissertation. My goal had been to achieve a first-class degree, so when it came to my final year of uni, I wanted to focus entirely on getting good-enough grades for top honours. Of course, dreams and reality are two completely different things, and by December I was beginning to crumble under the self-inflicted pressure to do exceedingly well. It was around this time that we were expected to have a solid idea of what our all-important dissertations were going to be on, and by that time the majority of my classmates had a solid idea and had already begun researching their topics, while I was constantly fitting between ideas. It took me a while to get there, but once my decision was made, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Then like an idiot, I didn’t actually start working on my project until three weeks before the deadline (though I never told anyone this!) and those three weeks were horrific. If I were to repeat my dissertation experience, I would do it pretty differently. Since it’s late September and students are preparing to get back into learning, I wanted to post some advice for literature students, or students in general, who seek advice on how to cope with their dissertations.

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Defeating the Dreaded Reading Slump 

While reading is a huge love of mine, I do occasionally grow tired of it. Recently finishing my English degree, my 2016 has included a LOT of reading, and even now, a month after handing in that final assignment (a Fitzgerald/Wharton essay if you’re curious), I’m still feeling the side-effects of an extremely stressful past six months. While I don’t worry all that much when these occasional reading slumps occur, having one sprung on me when I decide to create a new book blog is a slight a huge inconvenience.

So what does one do when they encounter the dreaded reading slump? I have a few ideas for you (and me) to get motivated into reading again!

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