Confess TV Adaptation (Mini) Review!

Soooo I’m doing a mini TV show review because my blogging schedule is shot to shit and I figured why not write my thoughts on this Confess adaptation since I have nothing else to write about…


I haven’t read Confess but I saw the show advertised on Twitter a while back, so I took a night off from uni applications and watched this show. I watched them all in one sitting, they’re surprisingly short – 7 episodes long, each around 22 minutes long.

So here’s a quick review!

Contains spoilers of both the TV show and the book! 

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Some People Don’t Want to Read, and That’s OK

So… This is something which I think about every now and then, but it’s late and I can’t sleep so I’m writing down my thoughts. I’ve been thinking about some of the mentalities I’ve seen from some book bloggers and literature lovers in regards to people who don’t like to read. And they kinda annoy me…

This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, I’m just bringing to light something I notice every now and then online  

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Favourites: Novels Studied at Uni

I haven’t done a favourites post in a very long time. And since I’ve had a recent clear-out of books recently, I thought why not make a post on my favourite novels I discovered through my time at university. I wasn’t a very good student and didn’t read every single recommended read (because that’s just ridiculous to me, come on) but some of the novel I actually read were pretty fab, so here are some of my faves:

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eBooks Deserve More Love: A Mini Post by Me

Mini post because honestly, I don’t have much to say on this subject, but I believe that eBooks deserve more love from readers.

I feel that within the book community, there’s this underlying belief that if you don’t own a bookshelf crammed full of books, then you’re not a “real” bookworm. This view, in my opinion, is total dog shit, and I reject it completely…

Basically, I love eBooks. I have done for years, and here’s a short list why:

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Another eBook Haul!

I’m in a massive reading slump. It’s not that I don’t want to read, but it’s that I have way too much on my mind that I can’t concentrate or even relax enough to get into a book and enjoy it. Even so, I’m still buying eBooks because I can’t resist the good offers, and they’re slowly piling up on my Kindle app. So I thought since I can’t really read them right now, I’d make a post on all the books I bought recently!

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Do Authors on Social Media Police Reader Interpretation?

So, this is the second time I’m writing this post. I wrote the first one way back in November but I binned it because I just wasn’t happy with it (it got a little bitchy). So this is attempt number two! It’ll be a rambling mess but I’ll try my best to be coherent.

One of the last papers I wrote in undergrad focused on fandom in the modern age, in a time where connecting with others is almost instantaneous, whether it’s through a blog post or an email or a tweet. My focus was specifically on authors, and how they may use social media not only to communicate with their readers, but to also control ownership over their texts and their fictional characters. This paper was titled ‘The Liberation of the Twenty-First Century Reader as a Result of Social Media’ and it was pretentious as fuck. But the topic really interests me, and I want to see what you guys think on the subject.

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Books That Have Sat on my Shelf For Years

I’m writing this at 3am and job hunting is both mind-numbing and soul-destroying, so I’m making a random bookish post. Last week I finally got round to cleaning my book shelf and I think it looks really cute now, but so many times I came across a paperback I bought years ago and then completely forgot about, so this is a post calling myself out for abandoning books and wasting money. Nice one, Jess.

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Thoughts on Writing Book Reviews

So I like to post on my blog around three times a week – I don’t really have a set routine on the things that I post on here, but I always make sure to post a book review up every weekend. Because it makes perfect sense for me to post book reviews on my book blog… However, since I’m in such a slump lately, I failed to post a review last week and may not even get one out this week, either. So since there’s no review going up this week, I thought I would write a small discussion post on the topic of writing book reviews.

(Emphasis on ‘mini’ because I’m still struggling with writing right now, but anyways…)

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