30 Bookish Blog Post Ideas

Hi friends! Since I haven’t read a book in months I’ve been stuck on what to write about. Swetlana made a post on bookish post ideas and it inspired me to make my own.

Hope someone finds this useful lol.


  • Characters (heroes, villains, pets, your age, morally-grey characters)
  • Books (novels, graphics novels, children’s novels, manga, non-fiction, book covers)
  • Genres
  • Romances/ships (canon, non-canon, enemies-to-lovers, childhood, secret)
  • Bookish moments (saddest, happiest, wtf moments, cliffhangers, happy endings)

Rant posts (some people dislike ‘negative posts’ but I think they’re both fun to read and write so here’s some ideas anyway):

  • Books I’ve rated one star and why
  • Tropes/characters/books I don’t like
  • Books I used to love but no longer do
  • Disappointing reads
  • Most frustrating characters/character decisions

Goodreads-related posts:

Miscellaneous posts:

  • Hauls (ebook, ARCs, second-hand, physical)
  • Most read authors/genre
  • Popular books I still haven’t read
  • Books I want to see adapted/never want to see adapted
  • Trying a new genre or format of book
  • Book shelf tour
  • Anticipated reads
  • Make your own book tag (I made one related to my interests outside of blogging)

List/recommendation posts:

  • 100/50/20 books posts (romance reads, YA/NA reads, fantasy reads)
  • Books to help you get out of a slump
  • Quick reads/cute reads/funny reads/free reads


  • Q&A with another blogger (I’d be happy to help!)
  • Q&A (where you ask people to send you questions)
  • Guest post with another blogger

And for when you’re reallllly stuck for ideas…

  • TAGS (wordpress reader has loads if you type in ‘book tag’)
  • MEMES – Top 5 Wednesday, Down The TBR Hole, Top 10 Tuesday
  • OR posts like this one heh.

Hope this helps someone in some way! I get stuck for ideas a lot, and since book reviews aren’t possible for me right now I have to get creative and make posts like the ones I’ve mentioned in this post  😛

Until next time!



26 thoughts on “30 Bookish Blog Post Ideas

    • I did a post like that a while ago and it was really fun to make 😛 animals in books aren’t really talked about in blog posts so i thought it would be something different


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