BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

I’m back with another BTS related post because why not. I’m too excited for the final instalment of the Love Yourself series, though I’m also really sad to see it end, and so I decided to create a book tag to celebrate the upcoming release!


  1. Tag me @beaucoupbooks in your post so I can see!
  2. Feel free to use the graphics below.
  3. Tag at least one other person to do this tag but really, you don’t need to be tagged to do this post, anyone can.


3Looking for Alaska i think. I went through a John Green phase, and then a Sarah Dessen phase and then a Divergent phase. This novel is probably my favourite Green novel, though I haven’t read anything from him since The Fault in Our Stars was published a while back.line


1The Book Thief was the first novel I thought of! It’s pretty special in my opinion. Lovable characters, beautifully written and illustrated. The movie adaptation was also lovely. I think it deserves the love and popularity.line


7Ugly Love! More the characters than the book though. They just keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over. Miles treats Tate disgustingly at times and she keeps going back to him. I’ve stopped reading Hoover’s books because from the romances of theirs I have read, the relationships just make me feel a touch uncomfortable.




6The Infernal Devices! It gave me the worst book hangover to date. The ending! The epilogue! Damn dude!

Also I love all the characters in this series. I don’t think I’ve felt so attached to secondary characters like I have with this series. I feel lucky that we get to see more of these characters in novellas and other series, too.



4For a book character I think I’ll go with Levi from Fangirl. He’s super sweet and way too cheerful! I think that’s really endearing though.



8The Deal which might sound a little weird but hear me out! Reading college-setting new adult novels makes me feel super nostalgic for my undergraduate days, and I remember reading these books throughout university so it’s doubly nostalgic for me. And now there’s a spin-off series and I’m going back to university next month. I think I’ll save reading it for when I go off to uni again.



2The Truth About Forever! I remember being in a really bad place when I was making my way through all the popular-at-the-time YA books. I was a miserable teenager and reading about this really strong young woman sort through her grief and attempt to get her life back together was inspiring to me. When I think back to that dark time in my life, this is the novel that stands out in my mind.



5A book and a character for me would be Allyson from Just One Day. I’m struggling to really explain why but like Allyson, I was a student unsure about what I wanted from life, and to see her grow up so much over the course of a year made me also want that. But more importantly, it showed me that I had to go and fight for the things that I wanted as opposed to just waiting for them to fall at my feet. I realise that is such a naive thing to believe, but seeing how hard Allyson worked on herself in this novel was motivational to me!


This is the first ever tag I’ve created! I hope someone out there loves it and does it for themselves.

I cannot wait for Love Yourself: Answer!! If you want to do this tag please do and tag me so I can view your post  😀

So, who is your bias? What is your favourite song from the Love Yourself albums so far? Let me know!



1. DNA: The novel that started your love for books
2. MIC DROP: A popular novel that deserves the hype it gets
3. FAKE LOVE: A book or character you used to love but now dislike
4. LET GO: A book series you were sad to see end
5. SERENDIPITY: A book or character that makes you feel warm and happy
6. EUPHORIA: A novel that makes you feel nostalgic
7. SINGULARITY: A book or character that helped you through a bad time in your life
8: EPIPHANY: A book or character that made you realise something major about yourself


15 thoughts on “BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

  1. Hoorayyyy!!! A fellow ARMY bookblogger 🙂 Very creative tag! Love all the questions! I will most definitely be doing this one!! I absolutely loved the Love Yourself series. It was the one I connected with the most. My favorite ones will have to be Fire, DNA, Cypher Pt.4, Blood Sweat and Tears and MIC Drop. But let’s be real. The list can go on and on haha.

    Awesome post btw !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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