January Wrap-Up Post

I’m trying something new this year – wrap up posts! I see lots of other bloggers doing them and I thought why not jump onto another blogging trend because I’m not very creative…

So, this is my reading and blogging wrap-up for January!:


In January, I read a total of 11 books. I’m surprised I read so many novels this month, because I struggled with reading for a while last year. Some of these are novellas, but it still counts and I’ve been having fun which is the important thing!

(One novella I read, Scarlet Rose by Torrance Sené, doesn’t seem to have a GR page so it’s not pictured.)


A few reads in January were for the Lesbian Book Bingo challenge I’m taking part in, and I really enjoyed them (Wet Nails was my favourite of the bunch!). This month, I also continued with Penny Reid’s Knitting in the City series I started last year, and the series is quite hit and miss for me. I also re-read (or rather, re-listened), to Time Will Tell, a novel I read for the first time a couple years ago.


As for blogging, I think I did better than usual in January. I’ve also been spending some time every couple days or so to take the time to comment on other people’s posts. It’s been really fun so far!

Book reviews:

Friends Without Benefits – Penny Reid ★★✩✩✩
Magic, Murder & Mistletoe – Ellen Jane ★★★✩✩
Wet Nails – Shira Glassman ★★★★✩

Other posts:

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Standalone Sunday #12


I can’t believe the month is over already! A lot of people feel like January took forever to end but I think it’s gone by pretty quickly. As I mentioned, I’ve been working harder on this blog and in commenting on people’s posts (something I was pretty poor at last year.)

I’ve also started working on my smaller New Year’s resolutions, such as learning how to play chess, and improving my nail art skills. Both are slowly improving… very slowly. Chess is so boring but at least I’ve learned how to play now. I also plucked up the courage to re-book my driving test (I failed my test late last year and I’m still annoyed at myself over it.) And that’s pretty much all I have to write about for my January…

I’m not even sure what people talk about in wrap-up posts but I tried it. How is your 2018 going so far?



8 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up Post

  1. Personally, I see why monthly wrap-ups are very popular. I enjoy seeing other people elaborating on their month; it’s kind of like sitting down with friends and catching up. Great first wrap up, though, I look forward to seeing more!

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  2. Great wrap-up, Jess! I find chess a little boring too, as I’m a very impatient person and do not like to sit and stare at a board while making up all these strategies in my head… Just no.
    I was planning to read Friends without Benefits and I’m disappointed you didn’t enjoy it all that much :/ Maybe I get a different experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chess is a little boring… I just wanted to learn because it’s such a popular game and I had never played it before. And absolutely read FWB, the series is a mix of ‘good’ and ‘just okay’ books for me, but from reviews it seems I’m in the minority.


  3. Thank you for your honesty. I agree, enjoying the books is what matters. Best of luck on your driving lessons. It’s diapointing when you fail but it’s not the end of the world. You can do it! Again, best of luck! 😉

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