The Importance of Blogging Breaks

After a mini hiatus, I am slowly coming back to the blogging community! I’m beginning to write posts again and I’m starting to reply and post comments. It’s nice to be back! I hope you’re all well.

Thinking about what I could write about, I thought why not talk about how beneficial I think social media and blogging breaks are (because they really are fab!)

When I first made this blog I used to push to post three times a week. And I kept that up until quite recently. Now I aim to post once or twice a week (maybe). I’m not as strict with my blog as I used to be, and part of me does feel a level of guilt for not being as active as I used to be, but I really believe that my new, more laid-back approach is much better for my mental health.

In turn, I think cutting back on how often I post has actually made blogging more fun for me, as the stress I used to feel about creating blog posts just doesn’t exist for me anymore. I write when I feel like it, even if that means I don’t post for a little while.

Even if it means that my stats take a pretty big hit. I don’t get the same amount of views as I used to, and my follower account is pretty stagnant, and has been for a while. Last month, I got less than half the amount of views I received back in February. At first it made me feel bad to see my stats plummet but now I don’t really mind. It was one of the biggest reasons why I was reluctant to take a break, but now I just see it as a small price to pay for taking a break.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way! If you were planning on having a small break, you could prepare posts in advance using the schedule post option. Or you could prepare guest posts? (I’ve always wanted to do that but I have no idea how to organise one!) Taking a break doesn’t have to mean your stats take a hit – in my case they did because my blog wasn’t being updated regularly.

I’ve also made some changes on other platforms. I’ve decided to stop updating my Tumblr account, and now I only post my book reviews on there. Many of the friends I made on there aren’t active anymore, and I’ve really lost interest in the site. I also deleted all my Goodreads friends, and now only use that site to post reviews and keep track of my books. Maybe not a wise decision to make considering its a social media site, but doing this has made me spend less time on there, and I see that as a positive thing. And I also decided to no longer tweet about books on Twitter, because it simply stopped being fun for me.

So…yeah. A little post on my thoughts about blogging breaks. Have you ever taken a long break from blogging? Did you find it beneficial or not? I’d love to know your thoughts.



27 thoughts on “The Importance of Blogging Breaks

  1. I haven’t yet taken a blogging break, but I do understand the, albeit internal, pressure to push out content every week. I am trying to get to the point, as you suggested, that I am a couple of weeks ahead, and could therefore withstand a break (not that I have a substantial readership, but I appreciate every view). It hasn’t happened yet…

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    • It’s great you plan ahead. Then if you feel the need for a break, or something happens which requires you to stop blogging for a little while, then you’re prepared for it. I’m at the stage where I just write when I feel like it, which means that I have pretty large gaps between each post…

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