Confess TV Adaptation (Mini) Review!

Soooo I’m doing a mini TV show review because my blogging schedule is shot to shit and I figured why not write my thoughts on this Confess adaptation since I have nothing else to write about…


I haven’t read Confess but I saw the show advertised on Twitter a while back, so I took a night off from uni applications and watched this show. I watched them all in one sitting, they’re surprisingly short – 7 episodes long, each around 22 minutes long.

So here’s a quick review!

Contains spoilers of both the TV show and the book! 



Confess follows Auburn Reed as she attempts to rebuild her life and gain full custody of her son from his over-protective grandmother. Spotting a job advertisement outside of an art studio, Auburn decided to give the job a go, and it is there she meets artist Owen Gentry. As their friendship turns romantic, Auburn is reluctant to get with Owen, as she fears doing so would negatively impact her attempt at getting her son back.

I’ll just say straight away that this series was so cheesy! It was a little too much at times, but it was honestly pretty fun to switch off and watch some cheesy romance for a few hours.

I’ll be honest – I thought Auburn was pretty annoying. I liked her at first, but she grew more irritating with each episode… I read that Auburn is 20/21 years old in the novel, but she’s older in the TV show (I think 26 or so?). I think this age change impacted my opinion of Auburn, because a reason I didn’t much like her character was because of how juvenile she was at times. Behaving the way she does at 20 years old is more acceptable to me than for a 26 year old to be that way.

One example is when she ignores the advice of her lawyer to fight for half custody of her son instead of full, as she would be a lot more likely to win half custody given her living and work circumstances. Just little things like this annoyed me, but I’ve never been in a situation like that so what the hell do I know?


Owen was okay… I don’t have much of an opinion of him. I feel like we didn’t see much of his backstory other than what happened to his family and a brief couple mentions of the aftermath of the accident (addiction and depression). Maybe there is more about him in the book but the TV show didn’t show enough for me personally outside of him being a ‘good guy’ with a talent for art.


Their romance was cute. Like I said, cheesy as heck but that’s clearly what I’m here for! I don’t know if it was because the episodes were so short but their relationship seemed so rocky right up until the end. I didn’t like Auburn’s indecisiveness between Owen and Trey – I don’t much like cheating in fiction either. I feel that the TV show attempts to justify Auburn’s cheating because of Trey’s shitty behaviour. Maybe you agree? I just don’t know how I feel about it.

Also, it was very apparent how the show was going to play out, basically with Trey being obsessive over Auburn and trying to be with her under the guise that it’s the best thing for her son. I wish there was more suspense than what we got. It spoiled the fun for me a little bit. Like Trey was so obviously a shit head from the beginning it was no surprise that he was manipulating Auburn into marrying him.


Anyways, I will say that I really liked the sets they used for the show, like Owen’s studio and Auburn’s house. The artwork was gorgeous too! And the shots of the surrounding areas were also really nice.

Quick mention of the actors – I liked the actors that played Owen, and Auburn’s roommate (it’s a shame she wasn’t in the show more). Trey’s actor was okay too.


Overall it was a fun night spent watching cheesy romance, but there’s really nothing else for me to say except that (sorry).

Have you seen Confess? Have you read Confess? I’d love to know what you thought!


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7 thoughts on “Confess TV Adaptation (Mini) Review!

  1. You should read the book too, I loved it so much! But it stayed pretty true to the book expect a few changes here and there and also the age thingy! In the book, I think the gap was 5 years but the time leap of the show was ten years.

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