Book Review: Finding Kate – Pamela Humphrey

Title: Finding Kate
Series: Hill Country Secrets #2
Author: Pamela Humphrey
Publisher: Phrey Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2017
Shelves: Mystery; Thriller; Contemporary; Romance
Format: eARC
Rating: 7/10


Goodreads Synopsis:
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it sometimes delays retribution.

After learning she was kidnapped as a child, Kate is eager to move to Texas. Alex—excited about their newly budding relationship—suggests a road trip to Denver to pack up her apartment. When her story hits the 24-hour news cycle, long-kept secrets threaten Kate and Alex’s happily-ever-after and their lives.

Kate wants to start over in the house her mother loved. Alex wants time for the relationship to deepen, but when the unthinkable happens, he realizes love rarely shows up alone.

In a hunt to find Kate, Alex lands at her laptop, searching. Can he keep her alive? Can he keep her at all?


I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Pamela for supplying me with an ARC!

Discovering that she was kidnapped as a child, Kate is eager to leave the past behind her and start fresh in Texas with Alex. With the task of moving, Alex proposes that they make a roadtrip of it to make it more fun for the both of them. But their plans don’t go as they’d hoped. From nosy neighbours and news reporters, to an attempted break-in, Kate feels increasingly paranoid that someone is out to get her. And her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers that someone is out looking for her.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I read the first novel in this series. I liked Finding Claire a LOT (review here!) and I was excited to get into this one.

This novel starts where Finding Claire ends, and I really liked that this novel didn’t lose all the momentum built from the first novel. This novel starts off fairly mundane, with Alex and Kate packing Kate’s belongings, before moving into her new home. But sure enough, the drama and danger returns to mess with their lives!

I loved seeing more of Kate’s life prior Finding Claire, to the person she was before the kidnapping. I also especially liked seeing how torn she was between her ‘old’ and ‘new’ lives, and coming to terms with all the events and revelations that surfaced in the first novel. I liked that it was a difficult transition for both her and her sister to deal with the facts about her childhood.

Alex was fab as per usual. I really noticed a big difference in his character from the previous novel. I liked that he was focusing more on his future with Kate than being fixated on his past. I also liked the addition of the new character from Alex’s past and seeing their interactions.

We also see Alex and Kate’s relationship deepen which was really sweet, but at the same time, the romance aspect isn’t so prominent that it detracts from the main plot. We also see new sides to both Kate and Alex through their growing romance. They both love and care about each other deeply, but they also have personal issues surrounding love and intimacy which are preventing them from being together, so seeing both characters sort through their feelings in their narratives was quite interesting.

In terms of the plot, it is pretty packed with tension and drama and mystery. I love it. There was so much going on in this novel that I couldn’t put it down.

I also loved the return of the letters between chapters and how they link in with Kate’s story. You get so attached to the writer, even though they remain anonymous for a large portion of the novel. They keep you guessing on who the sender and recipient are, and who the letters are about. They’re a lot of fun, even though they’re also really depressing… These people live tough lives, it’s so sad.


I’m glad to have read this novel because I was so curious to see Kate’s life post-Finding Claire. This series is so entertaining and action-packed, though I must admit that I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as the first one.


Would you read this novel again? Probably not, but I’m curious to know if there’s a third novel coming out because I absolutely would read that!
Who would I recommend this novel to? Readers wanting to get into the Mystery/Thriller genres? I don’t read much of those genres but I enjoy this series a lot!

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