Book Review: Beautiful – Christina Lauren

Title: Beautiful
Series: Beautiful #5
Author: Christina Lauren
Shelves: New Adult; Contemporary; Romance
Format: Audible Audiobook
Rating: 6/10


Goodreads Synopsis:

In a final installment of the series, a new couple finds love and the casts of the previous books join in to celebrate in the most beautiful way possible. 


Finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Pippa decides to take a break from her London life to join her friends on a winery tour in the US. Taking advantage of her first-class seat, Pippa gets drunk on free champagne and makes an idiot of herself in front of Jensen, the passenger sitting next to her.

Faking sleep for four hours to avoid chatting with the drunk British girl seated next to him on the plane, workaholic Jensen is happy to return home to Boston. After incessant nagging from his sister Hanna to take a vacation, Jensen agrees to join her and his best friend and brother-in-law Will, on a winery tour along with their friends. And Jensen is horrified when he discovers that one of these friends is the girl from the plane…

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve written a review! I’ve been busy lately trying to sort my life out, and I figured I’d finally listen to the last book of the Beautiful series while I worked. I’ve put off reading this novel since it came out last year because I’m quite attached to this series and I didn’t want it to end!! I’ve listened to all the audiobooks numerous times over the past two years or so. They’ve got me through so many uni assignments! And now it’s all over and I’m a little sad about it. But anyways…

Firstly, I really liked Pippa. She’s a fun protagonist and her chapters were my favourite out of the two POVs. She’s kinda carefree and fun and I loved her personality. Jensen was also pretty entertaining. I love seeing the stiff character loosen up a little and have some fun. And I LOVE his relationship with Hanna and Will so so much!!

Pippa and Jensen’s romance was pretty fun and light-hearted. It’s a fake-dating/casual-sex romance too, I had no idea going into it! (as you can see, the synopsis of this novel is VERY vague). There’s awkward moments and funny moments and their relationship was entertaining to read about. They are quite different people, and seeing Pippa bring out the fun in Jensen was really cute. The sex scenes in this novel were great too, but there isn’t as any as in previous books.

I do have mixed feelings about their romance though. It just didn’t feel developed enough compared to all the other couples in this series. And I think the main reason why was because this book was more of a farewell to the other, more established couples than focusing on this new one. I’m sure other people who read this book loved how much the other couples featured in this novel – I absolutely did – but Pippa and Jensen’s romance lacked as a result. Their feelings for each other toward the end of the novel just didn’t feel solid to me. The ending especially felt rather rushed, but it was sweet regardless.

As mentioned, all the characters in this series feature in this novel – some more than others – and it was so much fun. I especially loved the epilogues! I was a sobbing mess. I hate goodbyes, but these little epilogues for each of the couples was such a nice touch. Although I’m pretty sure one of the couples was missing which was weird…??

Also, the audiobook narrators did a fab job as always! The put-on British accents aren’t great, I won’t lie, but they didn’t ruin the novel for me in any way.


I’m sad this series is over – like I HATE the depressive state that follows ending a book series, but this book was a nice send off  🙂

Just thought I’d rank the series now it’s completed (from favourite to least favourite – excluding novellas because laziness):

1. Beautiful Player (Beautiful #3)
2. Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful #1)
3. Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful #2)
– Beautiful Secret (Beautiful #4)
4. Beautiful (Beautiful #5)


Would you read this novel/series again? Yup. I have all the audiobooks and they’re nice to put on while I’m working. The narrators really are great.
Who would I recommend this novel to? NA fans who haven’t already read these books (but I really wouldn’t recommend reading this novel first because I just feel that the romance wasn’t much developed in comparison to the other novels/couples.)

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