My One Year Q&A!

I’ve had this blog for a year today and I know it’s not very interesting but I’m excited! I wanted to make a post to commemorate my one year, and so I whipped together a Q&A post. Thank you to everyone who asked me questions! Let’s get started!

Amberly @ambiammonia385 asked:

Where would your dream travel destination be and what books would you take there?


I’ve always wanted to travel around Europe. When I travel I’m definitely more into sight-seeing and exploring so I’d love to go exploring around Europe. As for books, I actually don’t think I’d take any, but a good one would be Just One Day and Just One Year by Gayle Forman since the characters travel around a lot.

Lauren @WonderlessReviews asked:

What’s one thing about blogging that you didn’t expect when you started a year ago?

How time consuming it is! I’ve been slacking with my blog for quite a while because I just struggle to find the time and motivation lately to write and format posts, make images for said posts, check out new blogs, comment on other people’s posts, etc. It really takes up a lot of time.

Has there been a book you enjoyed from a genre you don’t usually read?

I’ve been in a reading slump for a little over a month now, and I thought maybe reading some short stories on Tor would help me out of my slump. I read some Sci-Fi/Fantasy novellas on there and they were really good! I’m actually planning on writing an individual post on it so I won’t mention what stories I read, but I really recommend the website to anyone who is not familiar with Tor or are interested in reading some Sci-Fi/Fantasy short stories… for free! []

Ally @allymemes asked:

If you could study anything in the whole world, what would it be?

Ahhhh I think about this quite a bit, especially because the degree I have isn’t doing much for me (which isn’t a surprise to me but the situation I’m in sucks…) If I could do uni again, maybe I’d choose to do graphic design or interior design since I’m a fan of both… As of now though I’m hoping to do a postgrad course in Publishing so I guess that’s my answer!

What would be your ideal super power?

Right now, I need lots of motivation! Not really a super power but it would be perfect for me.

What’s your favourite mascara and lipstick (if you have one)?

I don’t have a favourite mascara, if it does a good job then I’m happy, but as for lipsticks I really like Nyx’s lip creams. I buy them every now and then for a treat  😛 

Mikaela @TheWellThumbedReader asked:

Do you have any unpopular opinions that you’d like to share with us?

I’m honestly struggling to think of some right now… I have a few on my mind but I don’t think they’re massively unpopular:

  1. I really dislike ‘follower goals’, like when people say “I’m 20 away from my next follower goal help me out” etc.
  2. Bacon is overrated massively – I don’t eat meat anymore but even when I did I thought it was gross!
  3. Coffee and wine are also gross. HOW DO PEOPLE ENJOY THESE???
  4. I dislike the majority of TV shows, which is a shame honestly because I feel like I’m missing out when it comes to friends/family chatting about TV they’ve watched and I can’t join in on the conversation. I just feel like TV shows are a waste of time – especially the ones that have like 3+ seasons.

Poulami @DaydreamingBooks asked:

What are your hobbies besides blogging?

I love interior design!! I’ve also started doing modern calligraphy which is going slow but I am  starting to see progress 😀 I also have two volunteering jobs related to English (writing/editing/etc.) and I enjoy those too.

Ichabod @ichabod2014ic asked:

Read any funny books lately? 

I haven’t read ANY books lately! I just can’t relax long enough to read lately. I can’t even think of a funny book to mention either  😦  RECS PLEASE!

Deepika @NovelFort asked:

A song associated with your favourite ship/character??

Ooh good question! I’m not active on Tumblr anymore but I like to keep my blog because I’m really into the fandom/ship related playlists people make. I’m gonna link to some playlists I’ve reblogged over the years as opposed to choosing my own songs. I’m pretty sure other people’s playlists would be way more enjoyable!

I’m almost certain all of these link to 8tracks so just a head’s up to people who can’t use it (sorry!) Also that 8tracks skips some songs and it’s annoying and I’m sorry (again).

Achilles x PatroclusThe Song of Achilles || Ronan x AdamThe Raven Cycle ||

Lola x CricketLola and the Boy Next Door  || HerongraystairsThe Infernal Devices ||

Puck x SeanThe Scorpio Races || Neil x AndrewAll For The Game Series ||

Laney x Blythe – Black Iris (1 | 2) || Mara x NoahMara Dyer Trilogy ||

Cath x LeviFangirl 

Also just thought I’d link to a super old blog post where I list author-made playlists of their own books. Just if anyone was interested  😀 [link]

Swetlana @ReadingThroughTheNights asked:

What is one song or album you always find yourself going back to?

I shall make a playlist:

Are you the type of person who will listen to a new favourite song on repeat for days?

YES. To the point where it annoys me. The last song I did that with was Clean by The Japanese House. You know when you rediscover a song and you get a little obsessed with it? That was me this week  😛

Steff @littlebookynook asked:

What book character do you relate to the most and why?


For the longest time I really liked Tessa Gray (TID) both because I saw myself in her but I also wished to be more like her because she’s way more badass and smarter than I am. The same also applies to Allyson from Just One Day. The reason I love that novel so much is because I’m inspired by her and I wanna be like her! She changes SO MUCH in that novel for the better and it’s just lovely to see. I wanna be like that too.

Ashley @InsideMyMinds asked:

What is one genre that you will not read?

Right now I can’t think of a genre that I’d completely reject, but there are several genres that I just don’t have interest in. I used to read a lot more broadly when I was a teen to what I do now. Nowadays I struggle with genres I used to really enjoy in the past like Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi… I’ve never read a Horror novel but I am actually interested in giving it a go – maybe I’ll look up short stories online. I definitely have preferences like everyone else, but I can’t think of a genre that’s a complete no to me.

Stephanie @TeacherofYA asked:

What is your fave book you’ve read of 2017 (so far)?


It’s a tough one because I honestly haven’t read much so far this year. I didn’t actually do a review of this novel but I really enjoyed Pucked Off by Helena Hunting. It’s the fifth book of the series so by that point you’re familiar with the big group of characters which I LOVE to come across in book series. The romance was adorable (really liked the consent between the two leads, too). I think it also portrayed more serious topics like abuse/MH really well too – it was a surprise to me initially how much more series this novel was in comparison to the rest of the series. Another book/series I really enjoyed this year was Strobe Edge!

So that’s my mini Q&A done – again, thank you to everyone who took the time to ask me some questions! Blogging is so fun, I love it ❤

Thank you for reading! Here’s to another year! 🥂


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