The Candy Book Tag

A very old tag, but it’s still cute AF so I’m finally getting round to doing it. Thank you to Sophie for tagging me in the Candy Book tag. I’m months late and I apologise.

APPLES: Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful, and probably won a lot of awards but, um, it really isn’t your thing.


I’m struggling to think! Maybe The Catcher in the Rye? I read it mainly because it’s such a classic, and while I gave it a three star rating, I had to Google it afterwards because I felt that I was missing something, or I just didn’t understand the bigger picture.



Okay I sound like a broken record by this point, but honestly, Allegiant by Veronica Roth was awful.

CHOCOLATE KISSES: Aww…this novel had the best romance.


I really liked the romance in Beard Science – so cute, and a really good romance series, too!

GUMMY SPIDERS: Eek! You made sure to check under your bed every night for a week after reading this scary one.


I don’t read many scary stories, especially to the point where I’m legit afraid… I guess a really intense novel I’ve read was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I was so hooked I was reading it at 3am on Christmas Day.

JUMBO LOLLIPOP: This took you forever to get through, but hey! You did it!


Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. It’s a long book I had to read for uni and I think it took me around two months to complete. Maybe that’s not a long time to some people but it is for me!

COTTON CANDY: Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (you probably still do). Think: children’s or MG fiction.


I didn’t read many novels as a kid, but I really liked a novel called Fairy Dust. I also used to love the novels we British kids were forced to read at school.

Tags: If you like candy, you’re tagged!

What’s a novel you read but didn’t quite ‘get’? And does anyone have any horror novel recs for a scaredy cat like me? I’m thinking about trying a novel out  😀


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10 thoughts on “The Candy Book Tag

  1. If you’re looking for horror novel recommendations, I would definitely recommend The Shining by Stephen King!! (The movie is almost better in my opinion too, so that’s also an option.) Great tag!

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