eBooks Deserve More Love: A Mini Post by Me

Mini post because honestly, I don’t have much to say on this subject, but I believe that eBooks deserve more love from readers.

I feel that within the book community, there’s this underlying belief that if you don’t own a bookshelf crammed full of books, then you’re not a “real” bookworm. This view, in my opinion, is total dog shit, and I reject it completely…

Basically, I love eBooks. I have done for years, and here’s a short list why:

1. Convenience: I can read my eBooks almost anywhere and that’s fab (given that I remember to actually charge my eReader.) My cheap eReader is always on hand if I need it, and in public situations especially, I’ve really come to depend on the comfort just having my device with me gives me. Of course, you could carry a paperback around with you, but why carry one book with you when you can carry dozens around with you. Also, an eReader leaves you with more bag space and that is much appreciated.

2. More Choice: Again, just wanted to reiterate that the variety an eReader gives you is fab and even now I’m not quite over just how many eBooks and Kindle books I can access whenever I need to. Nice

3. Privacy: The main reason I got an eReader in the first place was so I could read in public – I used to commute pretty far for uni, and of course, the free space in my uni bag was a massive plus. And I think that an eReader gives you more privacy when reading outdoors. No one is trying to peep a look at your book cover, or is peering over your shoulder. I’m hypocritical because I’m totally one of those people, but when I’m reading, I like the extra layer of privacy I feel that eReaders give me.

4. PRICE: I can’t stress this enough, but eBooks have saved me SO MUCH MONEY. I can buy and download an eBook in seconds, and a lot of the time it’s way cheaper than the paperback/hardback editions. I love how fast I can get my hands on a novel, for a fraction of the price. I doubt I would be able to blog as much if I didn’t have access to inexpensive eBooks. Also, I’m sad to say that the libraries in my area aren’t great, and they certainly don’t have newer novels, so eBooks are my main access to fiction (in case you were wondering!)

So that’s a post from me declaring my love for eBooks. What is your preferred book format? Leave me a comment and let me know  🙂


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35 thoughts on “eBooks Deserve More Love: A Mini Post by Me

  1. The great thing about ebooks is the instant delivery. Nothing worse than waiting in to take a physical book in from the courier. Needless to say there also no bookshops around to browse any longer.
    Both have their merits but for busy people, ebooks have a lot to offer.

    Thanks for this most interesting post.


  2. I agree, that thought is total dog shit. I mean, I do have bookshelves crammed with books, but ebooks are wonderful! Also, audiobooks (if you’re able to listen to them) because you can listen to them while doing other things. So, I 100% agree with this post!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  3. Totally agree! I don’t get the ebook hate… Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please don’t force yours down my throat or act all snobbish because ebooks are not *real* books, and thus I’m not a real reader. Huh? At the end of the day, we read THE EXACT SAME THING. Only in a different format.
    I love my e-reader. I take it everywhere with me, it’s light and I can choose from thousands of books. I love things that make life easier for me, and this one does.
    Thanks for posting this! 🙂


    • Hah exactly!!! I just feel that sometimes within this community there’s this belief that if you don’t have an overflowing book shelf or book merch, ARCs, etc. then you’re not a /true/ book blogger and it’s such crap. I love my eReader too! I also read a lot on my Kindle app on my phone, it’s so handy! And thank you ❤

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      • Yeah, that’s just not okay… Many (if not most) people don’t have the money to spend on tons of physical books or swag all the time. Feeling pressured to buy them and have the perfect shelf is just nuts. What matters is that you read, not how you do!
        My phone is my savior because I never leave the house without it, so no risk of forgetting my books too hahaha
        No problem! ^^


  4. Ahh, I love this post so much ♥♥ I actually prefer reading ebooks to physical books for all the reasons you mentioned. I love buying physical books, but ebooks are just so much more convenient. I hate all those articles lately that are like “original books are beating ebooks” because like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ebooks???


  5. I LOVE THIS POST!!! And I agree about every single point. Nowadays the books I read are around half ebooks. I’ve been meaning to write a post about ebooks as well, and focusing more on the e-readers. What kind of e-reader do you have?

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  6. […] Jess from beaucoupbooks recently tweeted about not having been as good about commenting on people’s post lately and when I mentioned how I felt the same, she talked about it being okay to need a break sometimes and not to feel bad about it. But as I told her, I don’t feel like I need a break? I still very much enjoy every part of blogging – including commenting. […]


  7. Yes, I love ebooks! I mean, I love a good physical copy, but at the moment, pretty much all I read are ebooks! The prices are great and it’s nice carrying something around everywhere! And I also like the fact that when I pre-order, it comes out straight at midnight. Physical pre-orders have let me down and I don’t trust them much anymore. 😬

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  8. Love this post 😀 I’ve been reading lots of ebooks lately, they’ve been helping me get out of my reading slump somehow. And downloading free ebooks is a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s introduced me to lots of things I wouldn’t have otherwise picked up.

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  9. Great post! I completely agree with you, I do feel like there’s this big thing about ‘ebooks not being real books’. Which is ridiculous really. I pretty much read solely on my e-reader simply because my flat at university is so little I don’t have any space for books, plus I travel between uni and home a lot so having the convenience of all my books in one place is amazing! ❤️

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  10. I love ebooks!! Even if I own a physical copy, it’s usually because I already read the book and loved it or I got it really cheap used. Many of my physical books remain untouched to keep them nice and it defeats the purpose of having them to read!! So I own a lot of ebooks even if I own the copy or not, and then I can read the book everywhere. And Netgalley!! Yay!!
    And sales!! Another Yay!!

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  11. Great Post.

    Ebooks get so much undeserved hate because of the book community’s materialism (*cough* bookstagram *cough*), but they are so nice to have and so much more versatile than physical copies. I would read AT LEAST 60% less if ebooks didn’t exist.

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    • Hah exactly! I worry younger or newer bloggers feel the need to spend lots of money if they want more followers/popularity/recognition/whatever. It’s not needed at all. And same! I can’t even remember the last time I read a physical book

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