Book Review: Relationship Status – K.A. Mitchell

Title: Relationship Status
Series: Ethan & Wyatt #3
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: April 17th, 2017
Shelves: New Adult; Contemporary; LGBT+; MM Romance
Format: eARC
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

RSGoodreads Synopsis:

Physically, it’s easy for Ethan and Wyatt to be together—well, if “easy” means stolen moments when Ethan’s roommate is away, or sneaking away to a hidden nook in the library. Privacy is hard to come by in a dorm, but finding ways to connect is half the fun.

Emotionally, though, that’s a different story. Wyatt isn’t sure if a relationship is something he can make last—years of having to hide his emotions have left him with a shaky sense of self-confidence. And when it’s time to head home for the holidays, their steamy on-campus connection may not translate so well to the real world…


I received an ARC from NetGalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review.

Bagging himself a lucrative internship, Wyatt moves to Pittsburgh for the summer. Not wanting to be apart from his boyfriend for the entire summer, Ethan moves to be with Wyatt, and even gets himself a work experience placement in a law firm just as an excuse to stay close to him. But living together isn’t as fun as they’d anticipated, between their hot, bug-infested apartment and the fact that they barely find the time to see each other. With their internships and part-time jobs keeping them apart, Ethan and Wyatt consider their relationship, and whether it can go long distance.

I saw this on NetGalley and squeed because I’ve been looking forward to reading the final novel in this trilogy since I read the previous novel late last year! Ethan and Wyatt are a perfect example of the ‘opposites attract’ trope and I love it. Ethan’s a puppy and Wyatt is such a grump!

To me, Ethan was pretty much the same as he has been throughout this series – happy, laid-back, very open and loving, (slightly immature at times). But Wyatt changed a lot throughout this novel. In the prior novels, his past and his disability resulted in him feeling self-conscious and keeping everyone at arms length. But I think we see him come out of his shell a lot more in this novel. He puts more effort into the relationship, and works through his problems with Ethan and it was really cute to see. He also has dreams and goals outside the relationship and this characterisation compared to book one Wyatt was so nice, because old Wyatt would never have dared to dream about a future where he was happy.

I think their relationship grew so much in Relationship Status, it really was my favourite thing about the novel. The way Ethan and Wyatt both behave at times can be pretty frustrating, but what I really like is that in situations where they have disagreements or they fall out, you can really understand both of their POVs. And in this novel we can see how much they have matured. Their relationship isn’t perfect and they still have their immature moments, but it’s evident how much they’ve changed for the better throughout the series, and it’s great to see.

The plot basically follows Ethan and Wyatt as they try living together for the first time away from their college campus. Through their POVs, we see them both think about their futures after college, their career paths, and where they see their relationship going. And again, seeing their relationship growing stronger was fab! One of my favourite moments was when Ethan was teaching Wyatt how to drive, not only because it was cute and funny, but also because I thought it really showed just how far they had both come since book one. In this novel we also see a lot more of Wyatt’s uncle and his girlfriend, and they’re both such lovely characters so that was really nice, though I kinda missed their college friends.


While it wasn’t my favourite novel of the series, it was such a nice, happy ending for Ethan and Wyatt! I’m gonna miss them.


Would you read this novel/series again? I would love to re-read the first two books again.
Who would I recommend this novel/series to? Fans of the ‘opposites attract’ trope (though you should really start at the beginning of the trilogy if so.) Readers looking for a cute m/m college romance. Readers looking for a novel with Waardenburg syndrome rep.

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