NA Reading Challenge Update (Jan-March)

Hi! Here’s me doing my first (late) update post for the New Adult Reading Challenge! This challenge was created by Cátia @thegirlwhoreadtoomuch, and I’m finding it really fun. If you’re interested in joining, visit Cátia’s post for all the details.

So far I’ve read 5 novels for the bingo challenge. This is how my board currently looks:

NA bingo card

New to you author: Iris After The Incident – Mina V. Esguerra [review]
A book set in summer: Relationship Status – K.A. Mitchell [review]
A book you knew nothing about: Read My Lips – Daryl Banner [review]
Start of a new series: The Partnership – Charlotte Penn Clark [review]
One word title: Fit – Rebekah Weatherspoon [review]

I hoped to have more categories completed by now, but I’ve barely been reading this past month since it wasn’t a good time for me. Having said that, I have actually read more NA than what I’ve included on my bingo card, but I want to include more variety and diversity in this reading challenge which is why I’m not including every NA book I have or will read this year. I may even change out some of the novels that are currently on my card throughout the rest of the year.

Clearly I still have a long way to go, but there are so many NA books on my TBR I have to get through! Book Twitter is a fantastic way to find diverse NA novels, and I look forward to reading a bunch of books I’ve discovered recently when I get out of my reading slump.

I did say at the beginning of the year that I was going to tweet more about my progress, but I’ve been terrible at doing that so far… The hashtag is #NAReads2017, and I plan to use it more during the rest of the year.

This challenge is pretty fun and I look forward to completing more of my board! How are your reading challenges going?


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