Book Review: Crossroads – Chantal Fernando

Title: Crossroads
Series: Wind Dragons MC #6
Author: Chantal Fernando
Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

CROSSGoodreads Synopsis:
Ranger is at a crossroads: he has a chance to leave the motorcycle club and do something else with his life—but he keeps getting dragged back. When the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club asks for his help, Ranger agrees, not only because it is hard to say no to them, but also because he has a vested interest.

A woman is missing.

And Ranger knows her.

The Wind Dragons aren’t the only ones hoping this girl can be found—on the hunt is Johanna Chase, a stubborn detective who won’t give up until the missing woman is found safe. She needs Ranger to navigate the underground world of motorcycle clubs, and immediately, sparks fly. Ranger fights the attraction. He has no plans on going there, no matter how beautiful and badass she is. A biker and a cop? Ridiculous.

But the two of them soon realize that they’re in way over their heads, and now they have to trust each other in order to save her. With the WDMC and the police force at their back, it should be no problem, right?


Since the collapse of his former motorcycle club, Ranger has felt unhappy with the biker life. When the Wind Dragons’s lawyer Faye asks for his help on a missing person’s case, Ranger is reluctant to get involved. Until he sees that the person missing is Elizabeth – a girl he met while travelling years ago. Seeing this as an opportunity to keep busy and help a friend in need, Ranger agrees to help, until he discovers that he must work closely with the police…

Also on the case is Johanna Chase, police officer and Elizabeth’s cousin. Being paired with a delinquent biker sounds incredibly unappealing to law-abiding Jo, but she needs this guy’s biker connections if she wants to find her cousin as soon as possible. What she wasn’t anticipating was to find Ranger – her biker accomplice – so attractive. As their feelings toward each other grow, they struggle to find a place for their relationship within their contrasting worlds, because how can a biker and a cop be together?

This is it! The final novel in the WDMC series. I’m actually kinda sad about it because this series has been fun, but I was curious to see what kind of character Ranger was given his involvement in Arrow’s Hell, and I didn’t want to wait any longer to read it!

I liked Ranger. He was surprisingly romantic, and cute, and a total nerd! I did find his character fun to read about, though I wish we got more backstory about him. He had a tough childhood, and while this is mentioned a couple of times in his narrative, we don’t get a detailed look into it, or how he found himself in a motorcycle club despite being highly educated with three uni degrees. He was known as a mysterious character prior to this novel, and I didn’t really get any of my questions answered – I was curious!

I feel like it took me a while to get to know Jo’s character, but she was pretty cool! She comes across as being straight-laced and cold in the beginning, but this is just a mask she puts on, as she feels the crushing responsibility from her family to find Elizabeth given that she is a cop. But Jo is a total cutie! A respected member of her team and a total badass, but she’s also very sweet and loyal to those she loves.

And as always with this series, I loved seeing all the other characters pop up throughout, I especially liked how much Faye was in this novel because she’s the best character in this series in my opinion.

I didn’t actually read the synopsis before I read this novel. I knew it was Ranger’s book, and the final book of the series, and that was enough incentive for me to pick it up. So I was a bit confused when Jo was introduced as being the love interest instead of Elizabeth. But these two characters worked well together. They actually reminded me a lot of Tara Sivec’s Fool Me Once trilogy, specifically the third novel, Shame on Him (that series is also so much fun, though skip the boring second book). Also, I liked how communicative they were (with a few setbacks, of course). They agree to sit and talk things out if one of them has concerns about their relationship, and it’s silly to say but it was nice to see this conversation.

While this book was enjoyable, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the majority of the other novels, and I think the reason why is because it has a very different vibe. The kidnapping/sex trafficking aspect of the novel was prominent, then seemed to get dropped after the case was solved (around the 50% mark). This may sound weird, but I wished it was pushed a little further. I actually feel like it ended too soon and way too easily. I thought it was pretty interesting, but after the case is solved it just seems to be completely forgotten about to make way for relationship drama – and even that wasn’t that dramatic.

The remainder of the novel is Ranger and Jo attempting to keep their relationship a secret from numerous people for numerous reasons, and I will say that the guilt and the sneaking around got boring very quickly. I like these books because they’re action-packed both in and outside of the main romantic relationship, but not so much with this book… But since I liked Jo and Ranger and the WDMC I kept reading to see what would happen next.


While this novel isn’t one of the best of the series, it was a fun afternoon spent, and I’m sad this series is over!

Order from favourite to least favourite (not counting the novellas because I’m lazy):

1. Dragon’s Lair (WDMC #1)
2. Rake’s Redemption (WDMC #4)
3. Arrow’s Hell (WDMC #2)
4. Wolf’s Mate (WDMC #5)
5. Crossroads (WDMC #6)
6. Tracker’s End (WDMC #3)


Would you read this novel/series again? The novels in this series are hit and miss for me personally, but yes I would revisit some of the series again!
Who would I recommend this novel to? Fans of the series?  😛

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