Book Series I Gave Up On

Hello! I recently saw Mikaela’s post on her least favourite series, and it got me thinking about all the book trilogies and series that I gave up on for whatever reason… So here’s a post on all the book series that I gave up on and why!


The Darkest Minds Trilogy – Alexandra Bracken

I never really loved this series. I gave the book a higher rating than what I wanted on Goodreads because it seemed that everyone on Tumblr loved it and I felt like I was missing something because I didn’t feel the same way… I did actually start the final novel In The Afterlight, but I never made it past the fourth chapter or so. Now I can barely remember the story so I won’t finish this. But I really liked the characters in this series!


The Legal Briefs Series – Emma Chase

I actually enjoyed the first novel, Overruled, a lot! But I tried the second book and I never made it past the first chapter. Maybe I’ll give it another go one day…


Bloodlines Series – Richelle Mead

I never got round to reading the final novel and I don’t really know why. I liked this series a lot but by the time The Ruby Circle was published I just stopped caring about it. I know that the final novel got mixed reviews, and I think I even read spoilers on it but I don’t remember what the spoilers were! I lost interest in this series, which is a shame because I loved Sydney & Adrian.


Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling

The outrage!! Yes I gave up on Harry Potter. I didn’t make it past The Chamber of Secrets. If I’d read these books as a child I’m sure I would have loved them. But I sadly didn’t. And twenty-something year old me didn’t really enjoy this series. I was forcing myself to read them just so I could say that I’d read them. Which is silly! So I stopped.


Hudson Valley Series – Alice Clayton

I’ve read Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series and for the most part I really enjoyed it. But I have mixed feelings about this series. The first and second novel were just ‘okay’ to me. I don’t think I will bother with the final novel of the trilogy as a result. (my review of Nuts is here if anyone is curious – I gave it three stars.)


Seductive Nights Series – Lauren Blakely

I gave up this series around book three because I was so bored. I’m trying to think what this series is even about and I can’t! I know Lauren Blakely gets raved about but I feel like every novel of hers I’ve read has been really underwhelming.


Mara Dyer Trilogy – Michelle Hodkin

The only reason I didn’t finish this trilogy was because I forgot what had happened in the first two books and I didn’t want to go back and re-read them! Feel free to spoil me if you’ve read this series!


Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Series – Cassie Clare

For this collection of short stories, I picked out the novellas I wanted to read and ditched the rest. I’m so burnt out from the Shadowhunter world; The Mortal Instruments especially. This collection of novellas centres around Simon as he studies at the Shadowhunter Academy. And I feel bad for saying this but I just don’t care about Simon and the rest of TMI characters anymore. So I read maybe three stories from this collection due to my love for The Infernal Devices, but I have zero interest in reading the other stories.

What book series have you given up on? Let me know in the comments!


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36 thoughts on “Book Series I Gave Up On

  1. Awesome post!! Great topic. I have so many series I started and lost interest after more than a handful books, J R Ward, Kresley Cole for example. I’m getting bored of series go on and on, so many people get introduced, it’s never ending.:-(


  2. OH MY, I haven’t read past book 1 for Harry Potter either. I feel you there. I didn’t read them as a kid so 20-something year old me doesn’t care. I was expecting something amazing and was really underwhelmed lol

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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  3. Aw, sorry to hear you weren’t enjoying Harry Potter! I would actually really love to read them for the first time at my age now just to see how I would feel. I think you could potentially enjoy the later books a lot more because they definitely lose the middle grade feel. Whilst I think it doesn’t really have an age limit, I totally understand your decision for not wanting to continue. Life is way too short to keep reading books that you’re not enjoying ♥

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  4. I read the Harry Potter series when I was younger (like in fourth grade) and recently reread them. I do think that you have to read it when you are younger first so you really experience the magic of the series, but then read it when you’re older to appreciate the foreshadows Rowling does (she’s amazing at that) and all her other writing nuances. She is also amazing at world-building if that’s something that interests you, and I’ve always loved the friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve always thought that the third book is where everything really starts to pick up. The first two books are just introducing the story, but the rest are more complex and have a lot more moving parts to it.

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  5. I think if I’d read Harry Potter now I probably wouldn’t find it as awesome… Everything has its time, and this is especially true with books! Still, many adults love it so…
    I haven’t read any of the other series but want to try the Mara Dyer and The Darkest Minds.
    Great post!

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  6. I was kind of the opposite with The Legal Briefs series. I didn’t like Overruled, but I loved Appealed and Sustained. I hope you give the series another try some day!

    The Hudson Valley Series was a big disappointment for me. I saw so many amazing reviews for it, and it ended up being kind of boring :/


  7. I’ve also dropped Bloodlines and Nuts – I used to LOVE Adrian in VA but for some reason he just really irritated me in Bloodlines. And I’m not a big fan of Sydney at all, unfortunately. Nuts’ sequel I just haven’t really had the chance to read, so one day I will, but it’s not an active plan or anything.

    RE: Legal Briefs – I actually read all the books in that series and didn’t really like it. I dunno, perhaps it was just me reading the series at the wrong time in my life but everyone felt very cliched and tropey, haha. Like the men are all “alpha men” and the women are all sexy, smart, beautiful, etc. 😛


    • Adrian is such an ass at times! 😀 I’m actually posting the Nuts sequel review this week if you’re curious about it (it’s not exactly a glowing review though..)

      And I totally understand!! I’ve read Emma Chase’s other series (I think it’s called Tangled?) and it’s almost the exact same set up just in a different profession 😛


      • I rather enjoyed all the descriptions of food in Nuts but I’m not sure if Cream of the Crop has the same… feel? Haha. I look forward to your review. 🙂

        Yes, I think it’s called Tangled. I don’t think I’ve picked it up but I have picked up the Royally Screwed series (can’t remember what it’s called)… not a big fan, but it’s an OK enough read.

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  8. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like Harry Potter as much as I do if I hadn’t read it when I was younger.
    Not finishing Mara Dyer isn’t a crime 😉 I was very unimpressed with the last book. I mostly just wanted to finish the series but I remember very little of it all..

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  9. Why gave up on so many well-known series? aww.. I love Harry Potter.. I am re-reading the series now with a group of bloggers. I really want to read The Darkest Minds and The Becoming of Mara Dyer. Maybe give it a try again?

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    • Aww I feel like everyone LOVES Harry Potter and I’m missing out big time! And I probably won’t finish TDM or Mara Dyer now, it’s been years since I read them and I can barely remember what happens in them (too lazy to re-read them 😛 ) I hope you like them!

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  10. Woah, same on The Darkest Minds! I might have made it further than you while reading In the Afterlight, but I gave up because I was so bored. 😂

    Oof, the Mara Dyer finale was awful. It was 2/3 road trip, and then out of nowhere, Mara’s kidnapped by Noah’s dad (who was never in the series at all except mentioned once) who was apparently running the corporation trying to lock up Mara and people like her??? It was all kinds of WTF. Apparently there’s supposed to be a second series from Noah’s POV, and everyone’s so excited and I couldn’t care less. I hated Noah. 😬

    Shame about Harry Potter, I love that series! I still haven’t finished Shadowhunter Academy, but I liked the majority of them (though some of them just sucked).

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    • Hah! And I saw that, no way am I reading that!
      And I know, I really did try though 😦 For the Shadowhunter Academy I read Tessa’s and James Herondale’s story and skipped all the Simon bits 😛 I just wasn’t interested in the slightest

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  11. Someone else who didn’t finish the Harry Potter series – I haven’t even started (yet) but I always feel like I am one of the very few people who hasn’t read the series.

    Its a shame that you lost interest by the time The Ruby Circle released! I actually think I felt similarly, but I did finish the series because I just love Adrian and Sydney soo much! But I couldn’t tell you what happened for the life of me. xD

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  12. I was reading a Star Wars based sci-fi about a bunch of clone stormtroopers. The first few instalments were interesting, but after 5 or 6 books, it seemed as if if was never going to have a satisfying ending, so I gave up.

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