#T5W: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes – details about this group can be found on Goodreads. This week’s topic is book trends and/or tropes you’re tired of. I think every reader has a list of irritating tropes that they see a lot of in fiction. So now is the perfect time to complain!

“I’m/You’re not like other girls”

I see this a lot and I’m beyond tired of it! I literally don’t understand why this is such a common thing to appear in novels. I think this mentality can be really damaging to girls who feel like they have to separate themselves from other girls to be considered ‘special’ or desired in any way. How sad is that?  :/

HEA = marriage and babies

This is a weird one for me because it’s something that I actually find really cute and cheesy in romance novels but it also hurts to read… I’m gonna talk about it in a discussion post at some point though! I just hate this mentality fiction perpetuates that your life isn’t fully complete unless you’re married with babies. I have mixed feelings on this one.

Movie tie-ins 

I really dislike when the book covers change so they have the movie/TV show image on the cover instead. I mean I get it, it’s to do with marketing and promoting and making money, etc. but it really puts me of buying it, especially when that’s the only edition they have in the store.

Love triangles

Love triangles are a massive cliche, and I’ve read about many of them. But I’ve only come across one love triangle that I absolutely loved (The Infernal Devices). Even though it is a trope that gets made fun of, I would really like to read more novels where the triangle (or square, even) is really well done. Any suggestions would be fab!

Changing covers

Why do publishers do this thing where they decide to change book covers midway through a series? It’s pretty annoying. But what’s worse is when the books in a series are different sizes. I have several physical copies of series that don’t match and it’s very frustrating! I’m looking at you Clockwork Princess…

What book trends and tropes are you sick and tired of? Vent your frustrations in the comments! 😀


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25 thoughts on “#T5W: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

  1. I Agree with you on all of them.the issue that makes mad the most is cover changes like it if the original cover is afwul and then they make it better but if in the middel of the series the stupid puplishers think we will be okay and acually like the idea of them ruining our bookshelves and broke our hearts by changing them . if the want to change the covers they should wait till the end of the series.

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  2. Number one I actually haven’t seen before, but it is so SO true! The book I just finished Why We Broke Up (I actually just published the review lol) features the I’m not like other girls excuse. It’s just so repetitive that it is kinda like, well if you’re ALL different is anyone actually even different? That probably didn’t make sense sorry ahahaha.

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  3. I pretty much agree with your 5 choices!! I actually had someone say no 1 to me once, obviously thinking that that is what girls want to hear (probably picked up a book and thought oh that’ll work) but it just left me feeling stressed out that I had to do something to keep up the appearance.

    No 2 is something that I’m beginning to find a bit annoying too because now that a lot of my friends are doing marriage/babies people are looking to me to do the same, it feels like it’s everywhere and I’m thinking why is this a prerequisite of life/books. 🙂

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  4. I totally agree on the marriage = babies = complete life trope. Not everyone wants to have kids or get married. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a fulfilled life. Also highly agree on love triangles. They get so tiring.

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  5. I completely agree with all of these! I’m so interested to read your discussion post on how marriage and babies seems to be the Ultimate Happy Ending. I have a lot issues with this too. Like I can appreciate that it’s the perfect ending sometimes, but I feel like too many authors use it as a kind of default ending?

    And, oh my god, cover changes!! I love that everyone has this issue hahaha. I just like my collection to look neat!

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  6. I am also still looking for a triangle that is as well done as Will, Tessa and Jemma, so if anyone has any recs, I am more than happy to add more books to my TBR!

    And do I feel you on books not being the same size! My copy of Winter is SLIGHTLY bigger than the rest of the serious and I got so angry when I realized it… when I went to pre-order ACOWAR I got out a ruler and MEASURED my copy of the other two books to make sure my copies would fit! But then sometimes they don’t provide you with measurements and then it’s a pure gamble – especially if the publisher isnt specific enough!

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    • Right? I’d love to read more good ones like that. And I remember my mum bought Clockwork Princess for me one day and she was like “I’m not sure if I bought the right book” because that book is SO MUCH BIGGER than the other two books!! I’m looking at the trilogy on my shelf right now and it’s annoying me 😛

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  7. I have the love triangle in my list too 🙂 and you are not like other girls trope ughh,I saw it so many times and it’s not even funny btw.I just get too irritated by this.

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