Rapid Fire Book Tag

Book tag time! I was tagged by Lois and David @LoisReadsBooks to do the Rapid Fire book tag – thank you both so much!

1. E-book or Physical book?

Ebooks. I just don’t buy physical books anymore.

2. Paperback or Hardback?

Paperback. Hardbacks are harder to get hold of and are more expensive in my experience.

3. Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

Online. Though I love going into bookstores to browse, I can most likely buy them cheaper online.

4. Trilogies or Series?

It actually doesn’t matter to me – whatever works for that individual series.

5. Heroes or Villains?

Heroes. I do love a good villain though.

6. A Book You Want Everyone To Read?


The Little Prince – why not! (used the movie poster because I couldn’t find a good quality book cover to use)

7. Recommend an Underrated Author?


Mitchell S. Jackson!

8. The Last Book You Finished?


The last book I finished as I’m writing this was Strobe Edge volume 10.

9. Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

An empty fruit packet..

10. Used Books: Yes or No?

Years ago I was very much into new books. Then becoming a uni student I quickly learned to love used books. It’s so expensive to always buy books brand new!

11. Top Three Favourite Genres?

Contemporary/Romance/New Adult

12. Borrow or Buy?

Buy. Though I would absolutely borrow if I could.

13. Character or Plot?

Tough one! But I think character – I spend more time talking about characters in my book reviews than I do the plot.

14. Long or Short Books?

Short, I think. Long ones are daunting to me. I think the longest book I’ve read was either Alias Grace or The Book Thief.

15. Name The First Three Books You Think Of.


Black Iris – Elliot Wake || Graffiti Moon – Cath Crowley || Just Listen – Sarah Dessen

16. Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?

But that’s almost every book I’ve ever read!

17. Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Our world. I can’t remember the last time I read a fantasy novel.

18. Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Yes! I love audiobooks – you know you’re a fan when you even have favourite audiobook narrators.

19. Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?

YES. Who doesn’t, honestly?

20. Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

TV, though I don’t really watch TV shows anymore. I imagine you’d have way more options in a TV adaptation than a 2 hour movie.

21. A Movie or TV Show You Preferred to the Book?

I really can’t think of one…

22. Series or Standalones?

I read way more standalones, but I don’t really have a preference.

Tags: I’m too miserable to tag anyone right now, so I’m tagging anyone who would like to do it!


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14 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. I seriously love these questions…for some reason the long/short book one caught my eye. Personally I don’t have a real preference but the last book in the mortal instruments series was almost 800 pages long I think; yikes! But it was amazing so I suppose its length was actually a good thing….overwhelming at first though lol.

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  2. I’ve tried two audiobooks this year, which was one of my goals to attempt audiobooks and I’m not sure if I’m going to give them another chance. Out of curiosity, how come you can’t borrow from a library?

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  3. I am so with you on the paperbacks! I have a new releases in hardcover and if they are really big (looking at Lady Midnight here) its a PAIN to read. But when I got my copy the paperback wasn’t availabe yet, so I had no choice in the matter. And I am so angry with myself, because the next book in the trilogy is 23€ in hardcover. I could probably buy FOUR paperbacks for that price on amazon… 😦

    Oh I remember reading Graffiti Moon on a whim one night and actually finishing it that same night too.

    I can’t seem to get into audiobooks for some reason, I feel like I don’t remember anything of what I’ve heard of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Which is kind of weird, since I usually remember information better when it’s spoken (whenever I study, I write everything down and repeat it to myself over and over again). I even made sure to pick a book that was narrated by a voice I liked (it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda for this one) and still, nothing..

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s an insane amount of money for a book! It actually took me a while to get into audiobooks, I’d say to listen to a book you’ve already read, I seemed to pay more attention when it was a novel I was already familiar with 🙂


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