#T5W: Current Favourites That Aren’t Books

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes – details about this group can be found on Goodreads. This week’s topic is current non-bookish favourites. This will be a very short post and I’m sorry, but here it is:

ASMR Videos

I love ASMR! I fall asleep to it a lot, and sometimes I even write while listening to it, it’s so relaxing!

Mac & Cheese

I’ve rediscovered my love for mac and cheese after not having it for so long. Gotta eat much smaller portions than I used to though…

Tiny Marshmallows

Okay so I bought these tiny marshmallows to sprinkle on top of hot chocolates. But last weekend, my niece and I just sat and fed each other tiny marshmallows and they were surprisingly nice (I’m clutching at straws on this post can you tell?)

Electric Blanket

I’ve had an electric blanket for maybe two years now, but I try to use it as little as possible because I get so attached to it. But this month has been so cold so I’ve been using it almost everyday. Combine a toasty bed with ASMR and I sleep like a baby!

Jenna + Julien Podcasts

So I was struggling to think of a fifth favourite, and I’m writing this while listening to Jenna Marbles’ YouTube podcasts so I figured why not feature it. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks while writing, but Jenna and Julien’s podcast is my current favourite to listen to when I wanna get things done! They’re such fun podcasts too.

What are your current non-book favourites?? Let me know in the comments!


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