Why I Don’t Have Bookstagram

Hi guys! This is more of a personal post, but since it’s to do with books and social media I’ll lump it in with my book discussions. I just wanted to make a post on my thoughts about bookish Instagram accounts and why I don’t have an account. I did actually create one in the summer and then deleted it like two days. So, here’s a few reasons why I don’t have Insta!

1. Competitiveness 

I’ve seen many bloggers talk about how they feel blogging is competitive within their respective communities (lifestyle, fashion, literature, etc.). And while I can understand this, I’ve never really felt this competitiveness when it comes to blogging. Sure, I feel envious when I see people’s beautiful blog designs, but it’s not something that bugs me or gets me down. However, I do feel that the book community on Instagram is much more competitive: who has the best pictures, the most consistent feed, the best props, the most likes and follows. And that’s something I personally don’t want to be a part of. I feel with Instagram in general there’s this underlying (or not so underlying) game of who can be the best or most popular. It just doesn’t sound fun to me.

2. ‘Perfect’ Instagram feed

So this is where it gets slightly more personal. Definitely the main reason I won’t make another account (bookish, or even a personal account) is because the way my theme/feed looks would literally keep me up at night. I know it sounds silly but it would drive me mad if my feed didn’t look consistent or wasn’t to my liking. I feel the same about my blog too. I doubt many people who follow my blog have noticed, but I’m very particular about how my blog looks, and I’m always making tiny changes to the way it looks. At least with my blog posts I can go back and edit them. It’s incredibly annoying to be this way but I just am… And having an Instagram would just aggravate me further, which brings me on to point 3…

3. Too time consuming

I don’t know this for a fact since obviously I don’t have an account, but isn’t Instagram really time consuming? So much time spend taking photos, finding the right one, then editing it either to your liking, or so it can fit in with your theme. It seems way too time consuming for me, and because I’m so particular about that kind of thing, it would take me ages! I’d rather be reading…

4. Too expensive?

I’m aware that there are bookish accounts that are very minimalist. It’s simply the novel on a white backdrop with pretty flowers and I think if I were to have an account, I would take chill photos like that. But I’ve noticed that a large amount of popular accounts include loads of extras and props in the photo, like cute stationary, subscription boxes, bookish merchandise, Funkos, expensive jewellery and makeup, etc. and someone like me can’t compete with that! I can’t even afford books anymore let alone the additional props! I also think that this point links back to the competitiveness, like who has the nicest-looking props in their book photos. I don’t wanna get caught up in all that (nor can I afford to).

I’m not meaning to be negative with this post – It’s just a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a while and I finally took the time to do it. I’d love to know your thoughts about book accounts on Instagram, or just Instagram in general – I’m sure there are things I’ve missed out or are uneducated on since I don’t have an account. Do you like/dislike bookstagram? Let me know in the comments!


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43 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have Bookstagram

  1. Hi! =) I have a personal IG which I put on private mode, and simply posts even if the pictures are not perfect, but what matters most they mean something to me.

    Last month I decided to have a separate Bookstagram account, I am overwhelm as we speak hence the Google search and found your article 😂. I totally get all your points and what irks me most are accounts for popularity! The worries for how many likes and followers, I just can’t handle.

    Thank you for indirectly giving me this space to vent. Initially I wanted to give it another month to see if I can get more pros than cons through it eg sharing reading lists, making new real friends etc but I might cut it much shorter 😂



  2. I get what you’re saying.
    I hate that I can’t make pretty pics, but I seem to still get likes when I just post a pic of my book that I’m reading or one I want to read.
    But I totally get your decision. I would do the same thing if it was making me upset. 😊

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  3. I love, love, LOVE following bookstagram accounts for the prettiness they bring to my timeline but I could never keep up with one (I created one for my blog to post pictures relating to what I posted, but I haven’t been too active on the bookstagram account), but I do LOVE my personal account. I’ve had it for YEARS now and post pretty consistently – but I don’t care about having a cohesive feed/theme. I just post whatever i want, from selfies, to a quick outfit post, to the books I’m currently reading etc.

    One of my most loved things on my personal instagram account tho are the pictures I took that are really grainy and not perfectly lit or anything, because I was feeling really CONFIDENT that night and I wanted to make sure to remember that. Because for that one night that I felt awesome about myself, I’ve probably had 15 were I didn’t feel at all confident.

    And I love looking back through my posts because they give me joy and happiness and don’t we all need a bit of that?

    This was a really great post, though! You’ve made some awesome points and I can definitely feel the jealousy sometimes when it comes to props in pictures – especially all those cute funko pops! and those shelfies? GOOD LORD is that some serious eye candy!

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  4. Great idea for a post! I do have a Bookstagram, but I barely use it or post on it. It’s just so much pressure, and to be honest, my phone’s camera sucks! Also, I don’t really have the patience to take 20 different pictures and choose the best one.😉


  5. I post on my bookstagram daily, but I completely agree with your post!!! Take those book-inspired candles, for example. Everyone on Instagram is collecting them, but they’re more expensive than books 😱 I refuse to join those trends, even though the pressure is quite high.

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  6. I feel the same way! I always get so jealous looking at other people’s feeds and such, and I don’t own a lot of hardbacks nor do I like bookish merch and candles and Funko Pops (and those three things seem to be a bookstagram merch). I also tried bookstagram for a while, but it stressed me out so much in those two weeks that I just quit. I only use my Instagram account now to like and keep up with people’s accounts now. 😁

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  7. Great post! I have a Bookstagram account, and I rarely post on it now. When I first started, I was trying to post every day, and respond to all likes with a like or follow, and look at all the pictures in my feed. But I got completely overwhelmed, and realized that I was spending way too much of my free time on it, so I stepped back and now I don’t really miss it. I’ll go on every so often and like a few photos, or post occasionally, but the competitive attitudes and the quest for likes and followers was too much for me. Plus, the constant advertising of different bookish products is really irritating.

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  8. I agree with you on everything you said in this! Before I started my blog I was on bookstagram for 2+ years and it was so competitive and time consuming. Not just that but it never felt like a community to me. As in when I commented on someone’s photo I almost never got a response. Which is so different from blogging because the interaction on here is huge. It was kind of disappointing since I wanted to talk to other book lovers about books. My bookstagram has pretty much gone inactive since I started my blog. 😂
    Although, I do love looking at everyone’s picture and still find myself browsing my feed a few times a day. I guess it just wasn’t my thing in the end. Great discussion! 😊

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  9. I just started one like a month ago and I agree with you about the competition.OMG all those props.I don’t even have money for books :(.I just enjoy photography so let’s see where that goes

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  10. For a very long time I actually did NOT join Instagram for these very reasons… and then several months ago I caved and decided to try it. Now I really enjoy it!

    For me, though, many of these reasons are no longer an issue – I don’t strive for perfection, just fun; I’m barely on it so I don’t really feel the competition; I only take photos when I want to; and my photos are so minimalistic, I didn’t really invest money or anything. That being said, it’s probably true that I don’t get as much traction compared to photos with tons of props. I suppose I don’t really care, though, so it’s all good. 😂

    But yeah. I don’t think it’s for everyone, and more power to you for recognising that it’s not your thing! We don’t have to be EVERYWHERE at ALL TIMES, after all.

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  11. I totally agree with your points!! The competition is INSANE and I found myself getting jealous over other people’s photos and the fact they were able to post everyday, and I just had to step back because I don’t want to have to deal with that toxicity all the time 😂

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  12. We’re so glad that you made this post! Lauren and I have been talking about our bookstagram and lately we haven’t really liked having it especially for all the reasons you listed above. We’ve decided to delete our bookstagram and only stick to blogging. Bookstagram is honestly just too much work haha and everyone always makes everything a competition or only posts and boast the same books over and over again.

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  13. Omg yes, thank you for this post! I tried so hard with bookstagram, but I hated it haha. I am not skilled with photography and I don’t have the space or all the cool props and can’t afford to spend money on those kinds of things (and tbh I don’t really want to haha). I feel like parts of bookstagram can be kinda shallow and superficial (even if it doesn’t mean to come across that way) obviously not ALL of is like that and I love how creative some people are but it’s just so 100% not my thing and when I deleted my account I felt SO relieved haha. Great post, Jess ♥

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    • Same, I think I had my account for a total of two days and it drove me mad! And I agree, I actually do like to see people’s photography, there’s loads of amazing accounts out there but no way could I take part! I didn’t find it fun at all ❤


  14. I have a bookstagram but don’t use it that frequently. I try to view it as more of an “on the side” hobby rather than a responsibility like my blog (I hope that makes sense, haha) and that works pretty well for me. That way I can take and post pictures if I’m in the mood to but not feel stressed out over it.


  15. YES. At one point, I wanted to start a bookstagram but I felt I couldn’t because i thought it would make me crazy. Also I feel like you would need a good camera, which I don’t have, and like you said props and a good background. So I decided against the idea and decided to just have a blog.

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  16. Oh. Your post couldn’t come at a better time (for me).
    If you allow me to give a bit of a backstory, I first made a personal IG account three years ago and deleted it within 4 hours. Why? In those few hours I had started to go insane. I’m normally someone who enjoys taking photos both to keep for myself and to send my friends, but having an IG meant being in a constant state of “OMG I need to take a perfect shot”. When I tried to take a photo of my book and my cup of tea and realized that I had just spent 15 minutes of my life trying to get a perfect shot and finding the perfect filter instead of actually enjoying my book&tea, I decided that I would delete it and never get an IG again.
    Fast-forward November this year, some shit happened in my life that actually allowed me to think I could start a bookstagram (I have a lot of free time anyway, being unemployed and all). I did, and I find it mostly fun for now, but I haven’t posted anything for more than a month now and to be honest I feel like I’m better that way. I still don’t see myself competing with any other bookstagram account so that might be the reason why I’m able to enjoy it for the most part, but you’re right that it does take some (sometimes a lot) of your time.
    I think your post might be what will eventually allow me to not feel guilty if I should delete my bookstagram (something I’m actually pretty sure will happen at some point).
    (Sorry for the long-ass comment 😐)

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  17. I definitely understand why you don’t have a Bookstagram. In my opinion, Bookstagram is the worst bookish platform for all the reasons you listed. The popularity contest/complex on there is so bad, especially because followers are much more visible then they can be on blogs.

    I just started bookstagram because I want to get back into photography, but there are SO MANY drawbacks because of how the community functions. :/

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