Book Review: Last Ride – Chantal Fernando

Title: Last Ride
Series: Wind Dragons MC
Author: Chantal Fernando
Publication Date: November 7th, 2016
Shelves: New Adult; Contemporary; Romance
Format: Kindle Edition (128 pages)
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars
lastGoodreads Synopsis:

The Wind Dragons MC couple who started it all is back! We met the stars of Chantal Fernando’s bestselling series in Dragon’s Lair, and now Sin and Faye are ready for more—and with these two, that means more passion, more action, and more of the best kind of trouble.

Sin, president of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, doesn’t mind that things have quieted down since he got married—with Faye at his side, he’ll never be bored. Plus, they’ve got their little girl Clover to keep them on their toes. But when new MC brother Talon needs help rooting out a traitor in his old club, Faye’s the first to volunteer. She’s more determined than ever to get involved and put her law degree to good use, but Sin soon finds himself riding to the rescue. Because he’ll kill anybody who touches a hair on Faye’s head—if she doesn’t get to them first. One way or another, tonight’s going to be someone’s last ride….


“Dex tells me that I’m everything. It’s the only word he can think of to explain it. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I’m this club and this club is me.”

Wanting to finally put her law degree to good use, Faye decides to work for the feds, alongside her other duties both as a mother to two children, and as Sin’s old lady at the Wind Dragon’s MC. When new member Talon discovers he has a traitor leaking information in his old MC, Faye and the Wind Dragons work together to discover who this mole is. But when Faye gets kidnapped after a shift with the feds, the Wind Dragons work together to find her and bring her back home. Who has kidnapped Faye? And who is the Wild Men’s traitor?

I was so excited to read this! Sin and Faye are my favourite couple of the series, and it was so nice to revisit them. I love Faye. She’s by far my favourite character of the series and her narrative is so entertaining. She reminds me a lot of Violet from Pucked in that she’s hilarious and honest, as well as smart and ambitious. She still has all the characteristics that made us fall in love with her, but we can also see just how much she’s changed since the first novel, Dragon’s Lair. She’s so badass in this, and it’s evident how her roles as a mother and a law consultant have helped her mature this way.

Though Faye appears to be the main focus of this novella, we also get Dex/Sin’s POV, and his narrative was really sweet to read. Again, his character growth is evident in this novel, as we see him be a badass MC president as well as a doting husband and father. The chemistry between him and Faye was again so authentic and effortless and entertaining to read. But as always with this series, I loved seeing the ever-growing MC family, and it was nice to see the characters from the past novels come together in this one – however brief their appearances were.

The novella also has a pretty concrete plot given the short length of the novella. We see Faye be the badass she is as she is captured and held ransom by a rival MC, and we get straight into this storyline from the first page. We also have the plot of the traitor in Talon’s former MC, as Sin and the Wind Dragons, alongside new members Talon and Ranger, try to solve who is leaking top secret information to rival MCs. And of course, we have a bunch of little updates from the other characters scattered throughout, which was a really nice touch. Also, there is a couple plot twists along the way – one I predicted, one I did not see coming! It really did add to the already fun and exciting novella.


Overall this novella was so much fun. It was a quick read which I’m sad about, but I really liked revisiting my favourite couple of the series. There’s only one more novel in this series to go and I’m not ready for it to end!!


Would you read this novella again? Yes!
Who would I recommend this novella to? Fans of the WDMC series!

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