Book Review: Falling for Kate – Jody Holford

Title: Falling for Kate
Author: Jody Holford
Publisher: Penner Publishing
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2016
Shelves: Contemporary; Romance; Novella
Format: eBook (57 pages)
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:ffk

He needs a nanny.

She needs a job.

Hoping to open a clothing boutique in her hometown, Kate Aarons is ready for the next phase of her life. Before she can set her dreams in motion, she needs a job to get her shop up and running.

Tired of his ex’s unpredictable and transient lifestyle, single father, Elliot Peters, wants to give his twin daughters a stable life. Going from sometime dad to full-time dad is harder than he expected. But sweet, sexy Kate could be the answer he needs.

Working for Elliot proves to be the perfect situation. But when sparks fly between them, Kate worries about finding her place in a ready-made family. Can Elliott convince Kate that forever started the second he fell for her?


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Penner Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Falling for Kate centres on Kate Aarons, who returns home to Angel’s Lake following a fashion internship in New York. Despite enjoying her time in New York, Kate is eager to get back to her family and begin a new chapter of her life by opening her own fashion boutique. Having difficulties getting home due to the December weather, Kate snags a lift home from Elliot Peters, her long-time friend and crush, who is also returning to Angel’s Lake after picking up his children from his ex-girlfriend. When Kate discovers her childhood bedroom is unavailable, Elliot suggests that Kate be a stay-at-home nanny to his twin girls, Grace and Beth, while he works at the local police station. Initially ignoring their feelings for one another, they eventually give in to their feelings, but Kate has doubts about Elliot’s relationship with his daughter’s mother, and where she fits in with their family.

Given how short this story is (57 pages), I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much detail we got in the two characters of Kate and Elliot – Kate especially. I thought she was a really relatable character. I liked her ambition and her previous indecision regarding career paths. I just thought it was a pretty realistic thing for a 25 year old woman to experience. She’s fun and selfless. She’s also so sweet to everyone – her family and the locals, and Elliot’s daughters who were funny and adorable throughout!

Elliot was also a very likeable character – though he isn’t as fleshed out as Kate was. But I found that his turmoil regarding the mother of his children was realistic, as he is torn between giving her access to the twins following her numerous previous failings as a parent, or taking her to court for full custody. The chemistry between him and Kate was great! Really strong and natural considering how short the novel is.

I think Holford got a pretty good amount of actual plot in given the length of the text. We get numerous backstories and some good insight into secondary characters, in addition to the romance and Kate and Elliot’s personal lives. Their relationship did feel rushed to me, but then again I think I would have been disappointed if they didn’t get together until the end of the novella so I’ll gladly accept their fast-paced romance! I also liked how relaxed this novel was – no melodrama here!


Overall, Falling for Kate is a cute, fluffy read. I want to see more of these characters! Also, though the novel’s cover is really pretty, this isn’t a New Adult novel like the cover makes out to be.


Would you read this novella again? No, but I do plan on reading the full-length novel Falling for Home, set in the same location.
Who would I recommend this novella to? Fans of cute fluffy romance. Fans of second-chance romances!

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