Book Review: Hello Me, It’s You – Anonymous (edited by Hannah Todd)

Title: Hello Me, It’s You
Author: Anonymous (compiled and edited by Hannah Todd)
Publisher: Hello Me, It’s You
Publication Date:
October 10th, 2016
Shelves: Non-Fiction; Mental Illness
 eBook (112 pages)
Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Keep smiling and being you. Don’t let the world change you”

Hello Me, it’s You is a collection of letters by young adults aged 17-24 about their experiences with mental health issues. The letters are written to their 16-year-old selves, giving beautifully honest advice, insight and encouragement for all that lays ahead of them.


I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

“Stay strong, learn to cry, learn to love and finally learn to accept yourself because when you do you will open up your heart to everyone who has been trying to get in when you didn’t want to know.”

Hello Me, It’s You is a book of letters by people between the ages of 17-24, writing to their 16-year-old selves. This collection was produced by the Hello Me, It’s You charity, and was set up and edited by Hannah Todd, who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression as a university student. With this text, the charity aims to provide support for young people living with mental illnesses, and hopes to raise awareness, and reduce the stigma of mental illnesses.

The topic of mental illness is one close and important to me, and I was keen on reading this collection of letters that young people living with mental illnesses had written to their younger selves. I found it so heartbreaking to read – but very important, and very hopeful. The compilation includes 27 letters, each one different in their subject matter, but equally as engaging and emotional. I could relate to so many of the writers within this collection.

Without going into too much detail, my late teen years were pretty bad – I made bad decisions and I had awful, terrifying thoughts. I was alone and lost and so miserable. I hated myself. I still live with mental issues now, but it was so wonderful for me to read these real letters from real people who had experienced such awful times, and came out on the other side. I also absolutely appreciated the letters from people – people like me – who admitted that they were still going through difficult times in their lives, but were hopeful of a happier future, and were fighting for it. It gives me hope too.

I also loved the design in this book – each letter has it’s own typography of a defining quote within that letter. A really nice, simple touch.


If you’re between the ages of 17-24, you can submit your own letter at the Hello Me, It’s You website, and it may even be published in a future publication. It’s also important to note that all proceeds from this novel go to the Hello Me, It’s You charity, for the production of further supportive texts such as this one.


A powerful and important read. I’m so lucky I stumbled across this beautiful book and charity. I think a text like this one is sure to provide comfort and support for anyone living with a mental illness.


Would I read this book again? Absolutely!
Who would I recommend this book to? People living with mental illnesses; people who are feeling a little lost and afraid and are looking for some guidance.

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