YA Author’s Official Playlists (Part 1)

I remember a couple of years ago I was super into book playlists that authors made. I think it’s a lovely touch for authors to create book and character-related playlists and share them with their fans. I have a Tumblr account, so I’ve stumbled over a bunch of these over the years, and I thought it would be nice to post a couple of YA compilations if anyone is interested.

Just to clarify: None of these book playlists were created by me – they were put together by their respective authors.

Also, a lot of these playlist links are to Spotify and Soundcloud, so this might not be very useful to people without an account, but you can make a free account if you wish!


1. Rainbow Rowell


Luckily for me, finding Rowell’s playlists was incredibly easy, as she has kindly posted all her playlists on Spotify.

– Carry On

Official Character Playlists

Simon | Baz 

– Landline

Official Book Playlists

Landline (Part 1) | Landline (Part 2) | Landline (Part 3)

– Fangirl 

Official Character Playlists

Cath | Levi | Simon & Baz Cath’s Emergency Dance Party

– Eleanor & Park

Official Book Playlists

Eleanor and Park, the Inspiration | Eleanor and Park, the Soundtrack

Official Character Playlists

Park (Part 1) | Park (Part 2) | Eleanor (Part 1) | Eleanor (Part 2)

– Attachments

Official Character Playlists

Beth | Lincoln

2. Maggie Stiefvater 


Unlike Rowell, Stiefvater’s playlists were posted all over the internet, but she’s created so many and I love her taste in music too! Chances are I’ve missed some out because there’s just so many (sorry).

– The Raven Cycle

Official Book Playlists

The Raven Boys | The Dream Thieves | Blue Lily, Lily Blue | Blue Lily, Lily Blue (extended version with tagged characters) | The Raven King | The Raven King (extended version)

Music blog dedicated to The Raven Cycle

Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves tumblr blog, complete with character tags

Official Character Playlists

Gansey (book 4) | Gansey & Blue (books 1-3) | Gansey & HenryRonan | Adam | Ronan & AdamKavinsky | Character compilations (inc. Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Adam, Noah, & Kavinsky) | Ronan’s Terrible Taste in Music

– The Scorpio Races

Official Book Playlist

The Scorpio Races

– The Wolves of Mercy Falls

Official Book Playlists

Shiver | Linger | Forever | Forever (extended) |  Sinner | Wolves of Mercy Falls Spotify Playlist

Official Character Playlists

Cole & Isabel Forever playlist (scroll down)

3. Leigh Bardugo


I’m sorry to say I couldn’t find many playlists from Bardugo, if she has posted playlists for her other books and I’ve missed them then please let me know!

– Six of Crows

Official Book Playlists

Six Of Crows

– The Grisha

Official Book Playlists

Shadow & Bone | Siege and Storm

Official Character Playlists

Character compilations (inc. The Darkling, Mal, & Alina)

A bit of a weird post, but I love these and I hope you do too! Of course, there are hundreds of fan-made playlists on Tumblr, Spotify, Soundcloud, and 8tracks which are equally as awesome. If you liked these book playlists then I’d definitely check these sites out!


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