Favourites: Book Covers (Trilogy Edition)

I wanted to do a short favourites post as this particular topic was something I was recently thinking about. There’s something incredibly satisfying about having a completed book trilogy sat on your bookshelf. What’s more satisfying, is when that trilogy has the most beautiful covers that all match and the books are the same size (surely I’m not the only one this invested in perfect-looking trilogies?). So I wanted to post some of my favourite trilogy book covers. Let’s go!

1. Anna and the French Kiss


The art on these covers is so simple but lovely – their images matching the different locations of each novel. I much prefer these to the older covers, which in my opinion are incredibly cheesy! The book spines especially look great on my bookshelf.

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


Look how pretty they are! I especially love how feminine they are because they match the character of Lara Jean perfectly – from the model and her outfits to the backgrounds. The third book cover was released just last week (hence the watermarked image), but yes I think these book covers are so fitting to their content and are beautiful to look at.

3. The Superlatives


These covers are so fun. Like To All the Boys, effort has been made to match the covers to each novel’s content with the photography backdrop, not to mention that the models look somewhat like the main characters featuring in each novel.

4. The Grisha


LOVE. I love everything about these covers from the colour schemes to the font, to the relevant images surrounding the book’s title. These covers scream fantasy, and it was the cover of Shadow and Bone alone that made me want to pick it up. I feel that these covers really make these novels stand out in the sea of fantasy YA novels.

So what are your favourite book trilogy covers? Let me know in the comments!


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