The Book Fests Award

Thank you to Ryann @RyannTheReader for nominating me for the Book Fests award (your blog is so pretty!). I’ve never actually seen this tag/award on WordPress before so I’m very curious to see what it’s about!  ❤


  • Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  • Answer the award questions that will be listed below.
  • Write a Fifty-Word Story, because it’s fun.
  • Nominate five or more bloggers with this Award.
  • Ask them a question of your making you would like them to answer.
  • Put up the award image badge on your blog via image widget.

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#T5W: Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes – details about this group can be found on Goodreads. This week’s topic is novels that will get you out of a reading slump. Sadly, I experience reading slumps so often so this list will be reads that have personally gotten me out of reading slumps, and for me these reads tend to be cute contemporaries 🙂

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Book Review: Parker – Jillian Quinn

Title: Parker
Series: Face-Off Series
Author: Jillian Quinn
Publication Date: February 15th, 2017
Genre: New Adult; Contemporary; Romance; Sports
Format: eARC
Rating: ★★★★☆ 3.5/4 stars

parkGoodreads Synopsis:

Former collegiate athlete and successful sports agent, Charlotte “Coach” Coachman, is a straight shooter who has a very strict policy—no dating clients. The loves of her life are coaching little league basketball and managing the careers of her players, leaving no room for men.

Coach hasn’t met an athlete she couldn’t handle and a deal she couldn’t close—until she meets Alex Parker—the NHL’s most notorious bad boy both on and off the ice.

Alex is the best defenseman in the league, breaking records along with hearts. He’s made a name for himself as a womanizer, and after a scandal involving the owner’s granddaughter, Alex is traded to Philadelphia. Still reeling from the loss of his father, Alex is on a downward spiral, drowning himself in booze and women, until Coach takes him under her wing.

She might be attracted to the sexy hockey star, and certainly not immune to his charms, but Coach can see that Alex needs her help, and coaching players is what she does best. Now that the lines are blurred and the passion between them is too strong to deny, Coach has to decide if Alex is worth making an exception to her rules.

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#T5W: Favourite Non-Written Novels

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes – details about this group can be found on Goodreads. This week’s topic is favourite non-written novels/fiction. I was slightly confused as to what this meant, so here’s the explanation from Goodreads:

This is about all books that are not ‘written’ novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms.

And I actually have many to choose from which is great, so here are five of my favourite non-written fiction:

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Book Review: Nuts – Alice Clayton

Title: Nuts
Series: The Hudson Valley
Author: Alice Clayton
Publication Date: October 20th, 2015
Genre: New Adult; Contemporary; Romance; Humour
Format: Audiobook (Simon & Schuster Audio)
Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

nutsGoodreads Synopsis:

After losing almost all of her clients in one fell swoop following an accident involving whipped cream, private chef to Hollywood’s elite Roxie Callahan gets a call from her flighty mother, saying she’s needed home in upstate New York to run the family diner. Once she’s back in the Hudson Valley, local organic farmer Leo delivers Roxie a lovely bunch of walnuts, and soon sparks—and clothing—begin to fly. Leo believes that everything worth doing is worth doing slowly…and how! But will Roxie stay upstate, or will the lure of West Coast redemption tempt her back to Tinseltown?

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Manga Series Review: Strobe Edge – Io Sakisaka

Series: Strobe Edge (10 volumes: 39 chapters)
Author: Io Sakisaka
Published: 2007-2010
Genre: Young Adult; Contemporary; Romance;
Format: Kindle Edition
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars

seGoodreads Synopsis:

Having no experience in romance, the vibrant Ninako curiously explores the meaning of what “love” really is, and is surprised to feel a colorful range of emotions as she grows closer to the school heartthrob, the quiet yet gentle Ren, who also happens to be involved in a longtime relationship. With every intention of keeping her head held high, Ninako prepares to face the mental pain of this one-sided love that she had allowed to take root, facing a series of trials that would either contribute to her growth as a headstrong woman, or break her as it did with other girls. However, is this really a one-sided love? Or had something been silently sown in the most hidden part of Ren’s heart?

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