Reads That Got Me Into NA Fiction

Backstory: I got into New Adult fiction basically when I turned New Adult age and I’ve been a big fan ever since! I’ve seen on Twitter that more people are talking about NA fiction (about time!) and so I thought I’d write a post on the NA books that turned me into a fan of the genre.

It’s a mixed bag of books that I don’t really think are great, and reads that I think are brilliant starter books for people wanting to get into the genre.

Here’s my list of reads that got me into NA fiction!

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January Wrap Up

January was 2 years long, so to finally be writing my first wrap up post of the year feels weird. And believe it or not I’ve been reading and blogging this month! This is what my January looked like:

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Lessons Learned After 30+ Months of Blogging

Weird milestone but it’s fine. Today I’m writing a blog post on actual blogging and what I’ve learned during my time on WordPress! I made this blog after completing my undergrad degree and I’ve loved my time here, there’s never been a moment of doubt or regret with this blog, even during the times when I just haven’t been able to post.

So, here’s a quick list on what I’ve learned during my time blogging:

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Anime Book Tag!

Hi friends! I was bored and so I decided to search for a book tag. I really wanted to do an anime one but there aren’t many specific anime book tags, except the lovely Ouran book tag created by Icebreaker a while back. Maybe one day I’ll take it upon myself to make one, but in the meantime, I am doing the Anime Book tag created by BiBookBrewandGameReview on YouTube. It’s got a great variety of anime and this should be fun, so lets go!

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Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once… According to Goodreads

Posting on a book blog when you haven’t picked up a book in four months is really hard. But I want to keep posting on here because blogging is fun for me. So I searched through Goodreads looking for ideas and came across this list: ‘Books that everyone should read at least once’. I’ve briefly looked through lists like these before but I have yet to actually write a post on one so now’s the time, because reviews are non-existent and I have no idea when I’m gonna read again! I’m just going to read the first 100 posts and see how many of the top entries I’ve read, what I thought of it, etc.

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Books I’d Like to See TV/Movie Adaptations Of

Hello again! I have a list in my mind of books I want to see get an adaptation even though my personal experiences with adaptations hasn’t been great. But do you ever read a book and can imagine so clearly what a specific scene would look like on the big screen? I’ve been scrolling through my GR shelves deciding what books I would love to see be adapted, and this is what I came up with:

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Favourites: Couples in Romance Novels

Hi! I’m writing a post that isn’t related to school! Yay! I’m about to attempt a favourites post after months of not doing one so wish me luck pls!

This is a pretty romancey book blog so it would make sense for me to write a post on my favourite couples, and it’s weird I haven’t made one yet. I have too many ships so I’ll narrow this post down (a little bit) by focusing on romance novels  😛  Here my favourite couples in romance novels:

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A Mini End of Year Blog Wrap Up!

Happy New Year, friends! I miss blogging so much but I’m sad to say that the last few months I was far too preoccupied with other things to blog or even read. However, I wanted to hop online quick and write an end of year blog post to celebrate the beginning of a new year with you all. Here’s some of my blog highlights of the year:Read More »

Reading Challenge 2018 Wrap Up!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing reading and blogging year in 2018! I’m finally going to face my reading challenges and see how well I did… I already know I didn’t do so good with them but I’m okay with that. Things changed in my life late last year and I’ve just been busy and a LOT stressed so reading got pushed to one side around September time 😦

I took part in two reading challenges this year: The usual Goodreads Challenge, and the Lesbian Book Bingo Challenge hosted by JaeFiction. And here’s how I did:

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Books I Plan on Reading in 2019

Okay so I haaaate TBRs. I just cannot stick to them and they make reading not fun for me so why bother?? But there are several books I really want to read, and the little amount of reading I got done this year has just made me all the more eager to finally read them in 2019. So this is a post listing them all. If I get to the end of 2019 and I’ve read none of them don’t remind me of my failures. Thank u!

Also, this list excludes 2019 releases because I’m too lazy to look them up.  Let’s go!

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